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A MEWP with a View

You might know it as a MEWP, Access Platform, or Cherry Picker. This handy piece of machinery, also known as the Mobile Elevated Work Platform, has gained a lot of popularity among tree surgeons in recent years. We recognised it’s many advantages and decided to get one for ourselves back in 2021. It’s been a great addition to our tool kit!

As Always, Safety First!

Safety is always our top priority  here at Greenfields and using a MEWP carries much less risk than climbing as well as providing a much more ergonomic work platform. The MEWP can also offer better access to tree crowns making precise pruning an easier task. This more accurate pruning also benefits the tree promoting better health overall.

In addition to this the MEWP has proven invaluable over the winter months where numerous storms have caused significant damage to a high number of trees. These can prove difficult to deal with due to the safety aspect of carrying out the work, however, the MEWP has allowed us to undertake work safely in difficult and hazardous conditions.

The Smart Choice

Choosing a MEWP for arboriculture tasks is usually a smart, budget friendly decision. Although the price of the MEWP is included in our job quotes, the decrease in labour costs and improved safety and efficiency actually make it a more cost-effective solution.

Flexibility and Access

The compact design of the MEWP means that although it can reach heights of 20 metres, when stowed it is small enough to pass through narrow doors and gateways allowing greater access for our teams on the ground. It’s rubber tracks also minimise ground impact.

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service alongside our outstanding health and safety record. The use of the MEWP enables us to deliver in both of these areas. Contact us to find out more about how our experienced teams can help you, whether with an individual tree in a private garden or with numerous trees as part of a larger woodland management job.

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