We provide ecological assessments, habitat management, creation and maintenance to promote the protection of species, flora and fauna within it’s environment.

Trees & Woodland Management

Supply and installation of Bat, Bird and Owl boxes, tree assessments and safety surveys.

Protected Species

We offer ecological site assessment, habitat management and maintenance.  Legislation in the UK protects the following types of species:

Bats (all species), Badgers, Great Crested Newts, Hazel or Common Dormice, Water voles, Otters, Wild birds, Reptiles, Protected Plants, White-clawed Crayfish, Freshwater Fish, Natterjack Toads, Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees.

Habitat Conservation

Supply and seeding of wildflower areas ensuring that seed provenance is provided.  

Services include: Grass and wildflower translocation, hedge translocation, reed planting and habitat preservation.

Fencing Systems

Newt, Slow worm, Water vole, Badger.

Badger Sett Creation

Licences are required from Natural England and an approved Ecologist will oversee the movement of the badgers to a new site.  The size of the sett is based on the population of the badgers on site and is performed outside of their breeding season.

Creation of the new sett is completed and the badgers are then enticed to the new area using badger fencing and bait.

Receptor Sites

Created to relocate various protected species to a new site.  Carpet tiles and buckets are used to trap newts in conjunction with fencing.  Receptor sites can also be created for adders, toads and slow worms.

Hibernacula Creation

Hibernacula’s are built in conjunction with the creation of receptor sites for protected species.  They are usually made of bricks, wood and soil and provide a protective environment for hibernation or as a new habitat for species requiring a refuge.

Vegetation Management

Retaining the habitat of an existing landscape requires the careful management of vegetation.  This can involve scrub clearance to retain calcareous and other species rich grasses.  Retaining an element of standing deadwood or fallen trees/branches for insect and invertebrate populations.  Maintaining and retaining hedges for the protection of birds and small mammals.  Stump management to maintain soil stability and drainage.


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