We can provide a variety of planting options, including saplings and hedgerow as well as providing aftercare to allow the new plants to flourish.

Our planting service is varied and we can provide a wide range of options to suit our clients’ needs. This includes supplying whips measuring 40 – 60cms, used in hedgerow planting, to standard trees of 4 meters plus which may be used in large plantations or on individual landscape projects.

Our planting work is another area which goes hand in hand with other services we provide. For example we often work for quarries clearing scrub and vegetation to expand the dig site. However, quarries will be duty bound to restore these areas with hedgerow lines and plantations incorporated into these restoration projects.

All of our plantations are protected from rabbits using individual cane and spiral guards or stake and tubex guards. Some landowners prefer whole plantations fenced off using rabbit netting which is buried into the ground to prevent rabbits digging down and damaging newly planted areas. This can be provided by our fencing team.

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