Sustainability and Social Value

At Greenfields we are committed to implementing and maintaining a meaningful Social Value Policy. This means going beyond the core purpose of our business to achieve ‘a total positive impact’ by creating social, economic and environmental benefit for the local community, economy and the physical environment.

Partnership with The Grantham Canal Society

The Grantham Canal Society, a passionate group of volunteers, has been tirelessly working for over half a century to preserve and restore the Grantham Canal to it’s former glory. This canal, that skirts the edges of Cropwell Bishop, is a treasure trove for local walkers, anglers, bird watchers, and nature lovers. Greenfields Countryside is wholeheartedly committed to investing time and resources to support the society’s future work.

“Linking up with Greenfields Countryside was a great opportunity to work with businesses in the area that are like minded in bringing back to life heritage projects that in time will see the Grantham Canal restored as a natural waterway. We are very grateful to the time and effort that Greenfields Countryside Limited have devoted to our restoration work.”

Tony Osbond, General Manager, Grantham Canal Society

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