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Fencing – Cambridgeshire

Emergency fencing for a farmer in Cambridgeshire.

The flooded field area.

The original gateway inaccessible due to flooding.

We were contacted urgently by a regular customer, on behalf of a local sheep farmer who grazes sheep on their land, as their grazing field had become flooded. To ensure the safety of the sheep, the flooded area needed to be fenced off. It was crucial to prevent the sheep from venturing into the water, as it could not only damage the field further but also pose health risks such as potential drowning and susceptibility to infectious diseases like foot rot and liver fluke.

We evaluated the field and made slight alterations to the initial plan, positioning the fence line higher up on the bank to avoid standing water. A gate was incorporated to provide access to the flooded side once he water had subsided.

The project presented significant challenges, one of which was creating new access to the field as the existing gateway was submerged. This task had to be completed urgently, and on short notice, before the bank holiday weekend.

When I found the fields I use at the quarry under water, quite literally, it was a matter of urgency to save some of the ground to use for grazing and along came my saviours in the form of Greenfields Countryside Ltd, who are the fencing contractors that the quarry uses.

They were contacted by the quarry manager to see what they could do regarding the flooded fields. Jon and his team assessed the awful situation and came up with a great plan that would enable me access the field through a new gateway and allow my sheep continued grazing on the newly fenced off higher ground.

Not only were GCL able to squeeze my job into their busy schedule within a week, the work was completed in one day and all before the Easter holidays, for which I am so grateful. So a big thank you to Greenfields Countryside Ltd from me (Yvette) and my sheep!”

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