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Landscaping & Maintenance – Mulching

Mulching works on farmland in Chesterfield.



Our customer had been prevented from farming this land due to overgrown vegetation and self-seeded saplings. We were tasked with mulching the greenery to restore the land for cultivation.

The vegetation is driven over using a mulching head attachment. This initially breaks down the vegetation and on a second and third going over the vegetation is crushed. This allows vegetation and remaining roots to rot down into the soil.

The soil can then be further rotavated to soften and prevent regrowth before being planted with crops.

Thanks again Josh, you’ve worked very hard to get it done … and you have made a brilliant job, very, very pleased with how tidy you have left the finished area, so glad to get it back to a workable field again. Thank you also for doing the other trees too. Very much appreciated.

Kind Regards Janet

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