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Planting – Cambridgeshire

Our first planting job of the season…

1,700 metres

Of hedgerow planted


Bare roots planted

4 species

Planted (Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Field Maple)

Late autumn arrives and with it planting season. From the middle of November to the beginning of December our team has been working in Cambridgeshire. Comprising of some 1,700 metres of hedgerow, the team have worked in all weathers to get this job completed up to our customers high specification.

Each length of new hedgerow is measured out, with 6 holes per metre, all hand dug using a planting spear. The bareroot whips are all inserted into holes along with cane and spiral guard.

The sun rising on newly planted hedgerows with well-established hedgerows, planted by our team in previous years, shown in the background.

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