The creation or maintenance of a landscape will vary depending on the requirements of our clients.  This can involve some of the following:

  • Landscape restoration of top soils and can include reseeding, tree and hedge planting, wetland creation, wet woodland planting, lake creation and reed planting.
  • General landscaping including tree and shrub planting, turfing and seeding works.
  • Mulching using bark mulch or woodchip to suppress weeds together with improving moisture retention and nutrient enhancement.
  • Mowing, strimming and brushcutting a variety of landscapes, using various equipment including our Green Climber on large slopes, bunds and banks for safety.    Strimming and brushcutting is regularly used in areas inaccessible by machine or for habitat preservation.
  • Hedge cutting can be carried out by hand in accessible areas or by side arm flailing with our large agricultural tractor. We also use a compact tractor and side arm for smaller areas.
  • Weed control around young trees is required after planting.  We can selectively spray broadleaf weeds including nettles, dock leaves, thistles etc. using a knapsack in smaller areas to large agricultural boom spraying.
  • Seeding works are undertaken from wildflower to agricultural seeding.


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